HI Friends Here is 2010 AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ READY FOR YOUIt is in THREE PARTS. So take enjoy of these LATEST CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ 2010 questions.It is very Important for bank exams preparation 2010 These Current Affairs questions will help you in Many Competition Exams and School and college Students can also take Benifit of this August - September Current Affairs Quiz.


1). Who choose Bhojpuri cinema a subject matter for research in Philadelphia University
Answer: Katherine Hardy.

2). Who got Rajiv Gandhi sadbhawana puruskar in august?
Answer: maulana vajihuddin

3). No more time for sorrow’ written by ——————. The author predict that terrorist will set off an atom bomb in the USA by 2013.
Answer: Robert Beeman

4). Which Country emerges as Asia’s second largest beer producer
Answer: India

5). Who won the WTA Cincinnati Open tennis title defeating Maria Sharapova in final?
Answer: Kim Clijsters.

6). Who bagged national-ranking table tennis titles ?
Answer: Soumyadeep Roy, Poulomi bag national-ranking table tennis titles.

7). Who was the World’s oldest Test cricketer died on August 2, 2010 ?
Answer: New Zealand sportsman Eric Tindill.

8). Which is the first Latin American country to legally permit same sex marriage?
Answer: Argentina

9). The portrait named ‘8 horses’ was auctioned for 2 crore bucks. Who created this portrait?
Answer: M.F.Hussain

10). Priyanka Chopra announced as ------- National Ambassador.
Answer: UNICEF

11). Who is the union urban development minister who is in charge of themetro projects for states?
Answer: S.Jaipal Reddy

12). In Leh Floods-------people have died?
Answer: 185

13). Who received the Lokmanya Tilak Award in 2010 ?
Answer: Sheila Dixit has been received the Lokmanya Tilak Award

14). The scientists of IIA (Indian Institute of Astrophysics) conducted experiments in Easter Island on the most recent solar eclipse day in order to unveil vital information about the solar corona. To which country does the Easter Island belong?
Answer: Chile

15). Who become Australia’s first women Prime Minister replacing Kevin Rudd following a sudden revolt against him.
Answer: Julia Gillard

16). Iran opened its first nuclear power plant on 21-08-2010 at?
Answer: Bushehr.

17). Who became the first Indian to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics?
Answer: Gagan Narang (Shooter) became the first Indian to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics.

18). Who won the first gold medal in the inaugural Youth Olympics held in Singapore?
Answer: Yuka Sato. (Japan).
She won gold in the women’s triathlon event.

19). Bollywood film director and producer who was conferred an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at a ceremony in London recently?
Answer: Yash Chopra

20). Jagan to begin next phase of Odarpu yatra in __________
Answer:in September 2, 2010

21). World largest watch have been started where it is ?
Answer: Makkah

22). Delhi launches --------- rickshaw ahead of Games.
Answer: eco-friendly

23). Which city becomes the second city in India to have a World Trade Centre and joins the global network of World Trade Centres currently located in 100 countries?
Answer: Bangalore.

24). Who becomes the first Indian golfer to clinch a US PGA Tour title as he lifted the Wyndham Championship trophy?
Answer: Arjun Atwal.

25). Which country becomes the first NATO member to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan amid concerns over US-led alliance’s Afghan war strategy?
Answer: - The Netherlands.

26). Supreme Court of which Latin American country recently rules in favor of recognizing same-sex marriage in all 31 states?
Answer: - Mexico

27). Since 2004 Vatican has membership in UNO with a check on the right to vote. What is the terminology for their current status?
Answer: Observer

28). On August 1, 2010 China has launched its fifth -------------into space?
Answer: orbiter

29). The --------- Palace, Mumbai Magnificiently Restored and Joyfully Re-opened
Answer: Taj Mahal.Mumbai, August 13th, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — As the country brings in India’s 64th Independence Day, the iconic Taj Mahal Palace re-opens its doors to the magnificently restored Palace wing in Mumbai.

30). Which state becomes the overall champion of 50th National Inter-State Senior Athletics Championships held in Patiala?
Answer: - Kerala.

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