College Loans Quiz (For basic knowledge)

1.Can you apply for a college, undergrad and health professional loan online?
a. True
b. False
2.How does the College Loan Solutions program differ from traditional and government education programs?
a. Funds can be disbursed after 30 days from the certification date
b. Customer service is available only 5 days a week
c. It does not have a website
d. It is accepted at all TERI participating schools

3. To help make the financial aid process easier, what does College Loan Solutions offer?
a. Financial aid-related blogs
b. Financial aid patrol
c. Financial aid newsletter
d. Financial aid calendar

4. The company/service delivers helpful resources, including the Financial Aid Podcast, which is award-winning.
a. True
b. False

5. What’s the number to call if you want to know more about College Loan Solutions?
a. 877-328-1565
b. 800-977-2176
c. 812-404-2765
d. 801-328-2176

6. How much is the prepayment penalty with the College Loan Solutions loan?
a. $10
b. $25
c. $30
d. $0

7. What is the role of TERI?
a. It processes the loan
b. It is the customer service team
c. It approves schools eligible for participation
d. It manages the financial aid forum

8. The LIBOR Index is mentioned in the loans rates. What does LIBOR stand for?
a. Loans Index for Bank Offering Rate
b. London Inter Bank Offering Rate
c. Local and International Bank Offer Rate
d. Local Inter Bank Offering Rate

9. Who is the primary borrower on a College Loan Solutions loan?
a. Student
b. Parent
c. Co-signer
d. Guarantor

10. Aside from graduate college and undergraduate, and continuing education loans, what are the other College Loan Programs?
a. Maintenance loan
b. Health profession loan
c. Car Insurance
d. Business loan

11. College Loans Solution does not offer College Loan Consolidation.
a. True
b. False

12. College Loan Solutions loans are backed by what bank?
a. BPI Bank
b. AIG Bank
c. SGU Bank
d. PNC Bank



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